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Fiber optic to increase internet access in Rwanda

8 December, at 22 : 43 PM Print

Only about 12 percent of the population in Rwanda has access to the Internet, but the Minister in Charge of ICT in the President’s Office Ignace GATARE said that the information and communication industry generated revenues of about 87 billion Rwandan francs in 2009, rising by 12 percent in 2010. With the completion of a 2,300 kilometre fibre optic telecommunications network across Rwanda to link it to undersea cables running along the east African coast, is expected to boost access to various broadband services, boost electronic commerce and attract foreign direct investment through business process outsourcing. The project began in October 2009 at a cost of $95 million. The national fibre-optic network is already connected to the undersea cable system through two major regional links, including one from Mombasa in Kenya, through Uganda. It is also connected to another undersea cable from Dar es Salam.


In mobile telecommunication and network coverage per operators, below is a table showing the situation as of June 2011.

Despite the revocation of the Rwandatel mobile license in April 2011, the mobile penetration rate reached 36.5% as of June 2011 representing 30% increase from 28% in December 2010. The overall target for mobile telephony by the end of 2011 was 3,730,102. This number was already exceeded by 5% as of June 2011 while the target for year 2010 has been already achieved at 148% by June 2011.


The number of subscribers on fixed network on the other hand reached 43,169 in June 2011. This makes an increase of 11% compared to the previous year. Moreover, it can be noticed that, as of June 2011, TIGO does not have any fixed telephone network.

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