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Kayonza: Business Development Center helping residents to access information

23 December, at 07 : 07 AM Print

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Residents in Kayonza and nearby areas have appreciated the establishment of the Business Development Center (BDC) in the district saying that it enables them have access to information and acquire more computer skills.

Kayonza residents say that getting internet access before required one to travel to Kigali City which was very costly. But now they are able to get all information easily without travelling after the establishment of the Business development center in the district.

Kalimba Sam, Kayonza town resident says that before 2008, few people understood the importance of internet and those who had knowledge about it could go to Kigali first.

“To send an email to a friend, one had to travel to Kigali. People who needed to photocopy their documents also had to go to Kigali which was very tiresome and costly. It wasn’t really easy”, testifies Kalimba.

BDC Kayonza offers computer lessons to the local population which has led to the increase in the number of computer literate people. The Director of BDC Kayonza branche Muhayimana Celestin explains that they have free computer courses for willing residents. They train people in phases due to limited space.


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