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SMS for free using WhatsApp !

8 December, at 21 : 39 PM Print

Sending a usual sms of 160 characters costs about 10Rfr each, not to mention the fact that the sent smsonly has a validity of less than 3 daysin case the recipient’s phone is off by the time you send an sms. Otherwise in an event where the recipient’s phone remains offfor a period exceeding the telecommunication company’s maximum period of keeping an sms pending, you don’t receive the 10Rfrs refund but rather an sms saying “message delivery failed

With today’s internet enabled mobile phone handsets, the story has changed. All you need is to own a smart phone like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia Xpressmusic, HTC and thereafter freely download an internet based sms application called WhatsApp.

After installation, WhatsApp automatically connects via internet using your 3G or WiFi connection in order to be able to send and receive messages. All you do is, search your contacts for other people using the applicationand connect to one another, and that’s it.Usage is just like normal mobile phone sms such that even when you have closed the application, you still receive an alert which rings just like your usual sms alerts.

Being an application made for smart phones, WhatsApp is smart with pre-sets like “Hey there! Iam using WhatsApp”,Busy,Sleeping, Babysitting which lets you preset your current status or location in case you are busy and don’t want any interruption. With WhatsApp,you can send any number of messages to your contacts without maximum pending time of an sms and it won’t cost you any coin. Integrated within the app is the option to ‘Communicate with a friend’ either by e-mail or SMS.

Sending free sms from the Internet is not a new idea at all andcompanies have been developing the bridge between email and SMS for years and recently there has been more and more companies launching free SMS options. Examples of such companies include eBuddy,Teleflip, Peekamo, Gizmo SMS, Txtdrop.

Jovani Ntabgoba


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