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All Districts of Rwanda Are Online

18 January, at 07 : 11 AM Print


All Districts of Rwanda

Digitized, all districts of Rwanda are online with all information regarding service provision, business, leadership and news fully displayed in both English and Kinyarwanda languages on each individual district’s website.

You do not have to Google to get onto those websites, just type www.(name of district) in your web browser and suddenly receive an artistic looking website like the one above. Therefore by typing Nyanza,Kirehe, Kayonza, Muhanga or any other district name, you access your preferred district. On top of each respective district’s website, you notice a picture briefly summarizing what the district is mostly known of; thus Huye with its UNR campus will be flashed likewise Rubavu’s tourist attractions.

Gone are the days where accessing information about communal events like list of voters or knowledge of your districts  news meant travelling and waiting in queues at your district officer’s office for hours.

Today, if you need an appointment with a district official you arrange it by simply clicking on the district’s official website then district staff menu to copy their emails and telephone numbers.

No doubt service delivery in Rwanda is expected to speed up as the government continues to invest in ICT, evidenced by His Excellence Paul Kagame’spresence on facebook, twitter personal website and any Rwandan citizen’s ability to interact with courts of law, ministries and districts through their websites.



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