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Because of CMU, I have a friend in Yahoo and HP

26 January, at 07 : 10 AM Print

Because of CMU  I have a

Alain Kajangwe and Paula Saphir

In a gathering at Serena Hotel Kigali where Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda met with its different stakeholders and prospective students, Paula, a graduate from Rwanda’s National University and later master’s degree from CMU Pittsburg could not leave stage without mentioning how her dream was realized.

Paula narrated how it all began for her to finally see herself study in the world’s 3rd best university in technology. “I used to think that I did not know the English language, but I only prepared for less than a month and thereafter after passed the TOEFL. Come the much praised GRE which they say, you can’t pass without months and months of preparations, I prepared for it in just 3 weeks and passed it too. It is all easy, you can make it too” Paula told the over 200 eager audience in need of enrolling into CMU-R.

While still describing what it takes to be at CMU and the social-academic lifestyle while at CMU, Paula mentioned how respectable one becomes by studying at CMU. “Who of you has a friend at HP? She asked, Yeah! I have friends working at Yahoo and HP whom we studied together at CMU”, answered Paula.

Both Alain and Paula are workers at a local software developing company called but each does part time job at a Japan firm and teaching at respectively.

Paula’s comments were supported by Professor Bruce Krogh, Director of CMU-R who emphasized the fact that CMU is a world renowned University. Bruce said that CMU-R is to offer technology depth and challenging courses in order to produce leaders in the ICT business. “Our students will be taking projects defined by Industry partners such that they study while understanding business and social implications of such projects” .Professor Bruce said.

Professor Rugege Geofrey, Executive Director of Higher Education for Rwanda was also in agreement with CMU’s developmental impact to a developing country like Rwanda. “In 2008 when I attended my daughter’s graduation ceremony at CMU Pittsburg, I noticed how only Indians represented a majority number of graduates and wondered what it would take Africans too to study from such a respectable university, today my dream has come true” Rugege happily explained.

Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda operates from Telecom House in Kacyiru and is scheduled to begin offering studies late this January 2012. The government of Rwanda is in partnership with CMU and through the ministry of Education and Land will be sponsoring 50% of tuition fees of all CMU-R students and has offered a piece of land for construction of CMU-R in Ndera Kigali respectively.





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