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Cell phones that fall into water can be fixed

19 January, at 13 : 46 PM Print

As one of the Cell phone technician Butaboba Hassan said 80% of the cell phones that fall into water are fixed and work well as usual and those that don’t work is because their owners try to switch them on immediately after falling into the water which destroys them more.

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Butaboba Hassan who started his job in 2003 said that when a cell phone falls into water and a person tries to switch it on, the power in the battery meet water that went into the cell phone and they make circuit, causing electric shot and this destroys some other parts of the telephone.

When the cell phone falls into water, one should remove the SIM card and the battery and then take it to the technicians who will make the necessary procedures and it works again.

He buys old cell phones and gets pieces which he uses in other cell phones that they bring to him mainly those with spoiled micro phones like where one cannot hear the caller, cannot ring and many others.

The fact that many Chinese cell phones do not have accessories, Hassan says it is not easy for him to find pieces when they are needed and most of the time these cell phones do not usually get well.

He gives an example that when a cell phone cannot read a SIM card, a certain circuit doesn’t function and usually one replaces it but for Chinese cell phones this procedure does not work.

Hassan said that there are things they cannot do without using computers like removing codes and viruses.

The advice he gives to people is that when one’s cell phone falls into water, one should not switch it on and instead one should remove the battery and SIM card and take it to the technician and the cell phone will work well just as usual.


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