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ICT-Medicine: Rwanda takes off in sciences

17 January, at 10 : 39 AM Print

Advancement in scientific research and technological improvement has enabled Rwanda to march ahead of many other African countries in the field of medicine through ICT development. It has been established that long distance medical service will soon be possible in the country, which will the problem of scarce medical doctors.

According to Orinfor, one Doctor used to take care of 18,000 patients, a nurse 1690 patients and has long been a big problem to the lives of patients in Rwanda some years back.  

Dr. Gakuba, a long serving person and an expert in the medical field, said that Long distance medical services will be an answer to the patients especially those who need services of experienced doctors .

This kind of treatment has been in Rwanda for quite a reasonable time, that accelerated a new way of getting diagnostic history of the disease on a patient was learnt through ICT; where other doctors are consulted easily for a better treatment.

Long distance medical services bases on education where most universities and schools in Rwanda concentrate on the knowledge given to the students by their lecturers and other experienced doctors across the world.

After acquiring all the necessary materials to be used in Information and Communication Technology Park (ICT Park) it will work from Telecom House, at the beginning of the year 2012 until all the necessary requirement are available to make it an exemplary park in the district.

It is expected that ICT park will have a school that will work with Carnegie Mellon University which was set up to be the source of knowledge to the Africans in general and Rwandese in particular.  Ever since ICT reached in Rwanda, people had began using mobile phones in 1995 and widely spread in 1998 throughout Rwanda.

Mobile phones slowly changed Rwandese way of life to an extent that most activities in Rwanda such as sending and receiving money (banking services), conducting meeting, internet access and pay some social service bills are based on mobile phones. Rwanda Development Board (RDB) declared that apart from mobile phones, internet through Optic fiber cables was spread to Rwanda in 2011 gearing development of the same as it even costs low.

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