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Nyamagabe: Parents praise ICT

31 January, at 09 : 10 AM Print

Parents in Nyamagabe district have expressed contentment over a new system of checking their children’s examination results online. They said ICT is a marvel.


Mukangamije Therese‘s daughter sat for the official examination and expect to join secondary education soon. She expresses her gratitude to the scientific advancement in communication as she was able to access her daughter’s results quickly rather than standing in long queues for hours waiting to read results on public notices.

“Just after I heard the results were released, I told my son to get her young sister’s codes used them to check online results and just in a few seconds, we got the results. ICT is really amazing” She said.

She also advises people to fight illiteracy and poverty because if a person does not have a telephone or cannot access and use the internet, then ICT would be meaningless to them.

However, the ICT is not yet accessible to all people in Nyamagabe. In many areas parents have to wait for results to be presented to them by heads of schools.


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