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Telecom companies launch single interconnection fee

18 January, at 07 : 08 AM Print

Customers on Rwanda’s telecom firms are from January over the next years paying a single amount when calling on any of the carriers following a deal between the companies.

The operators signed a memorandum of understating mid last year on fair-cost based interconnection rates. The deal was meant to set affordable end-user tariffs, which the Rwanda Regulatory Agency (RURA) hopes will in turn lead to more subscribers.

Since January 2012, the Domestic interconnection rates for Voice Traffic will be entering into a decrease of almost 10.6 % each year until, and including, 2015.

Effective July 2011, telecom operators, MTN Rwandacell Ltd and TIGO Rwanda Ltd, have been paying interconnection fee of RwF 35.79 from RwF 40 they were paying before that time.

This timing of new termination costing model was proposed based on a number of considerations including local and foreign inflation, exchange rate, population, subscribers and volumes.

According to the latest RURA data, there up to 4.4million Rwandans using


According to the first Ammendment to the interconnection Agreement entered into between MTN Rwandacell Ltd and TIGO Rwanda Ltd on 6th August 2009, from 1st July 2011, the domestic interconnection rates for Voice traffic will changed as follows:


Applicable rates (RwF/Minute)

Year     Rates

2011    35.79

2012    32.02

2013    28.65

2014    25.64

2015    22.94



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