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uTalk Kinyarwanda now available for iPhone and iPad Users

29 January, at 11 : 58 AM Print

uTalk Kinyarwanda now available

Rarely your will find an application specific made with a touch of Kinyarwanda language, the reason typing Kinyarwanda language on Microsoft word gives you hectic time of all words underlined with an annoying red colour.

Not for Apple fans, uTalk that develops applications among other reasons meant to breakdown language barriers by providing several enhanced techniques of translators and voice recognitions. This time, uTalk has a Kinyarwanda version meant for users who only speak Kinyarwanda or who want to learn the Kinyarwanda language.

According to, “uTalk gives you the key words you need and a fast, scientific way of remembering them. Unlike a phrasebook or translator, this beginner’s app hardwires basic speech into your brain so that it feels like your first language”.

uTalk teaches you basics of language communication like how to order a drink, find a chemist, ask for a soda and description of colours, numbers, food, phrases, shopping and much more.

uTalk Kinyarwanda is a best way of acquiring Kinyarwanda basics since it was developed after learning how the brain learns fastest. It uses;

  • Images – to stimulate both halves of our brains, visual as well as logical.
  • Fun quizzes – because we remember best what we’re interested in.
  • Speech, recording and playback – to perfect your accent by comparing with native speakers.
  • A point scoring system – that gives feedback on progress and rewards success.

uTalk is an  application for messaging between phones and computers. With uTalk you can send fpictures, voice and text to your friends from any social network, chat in groups, and view your friends’ locations. uTalk supports various protocols such as Yahoo Messenger, Itunes, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook.                                                                                           uTalk Kinyarwanda is currently availed for download at at a cost of $9.99



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