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Rwanda : Hackers Are Taking Down More EA Companies Like There Is No Tomorrow!

24 February, at 08 : 12 AM Print


Hackers Are Taking Down More EA

Referring themselves to the Rwandan Hackers, they have, for the past few days, increasingly hacked a number of East African companies’ websites exposing their databases at an alarming rate. Despite noting on their blog that “we love Rwanda”, they have neither spared Rwandan based websites nor (which is supported by other hackers).

The other day, it was an Indonesian student who attacked over 100 Kenyan websites, but this time the Rwandan hackers have continuously attacked a number of EA companies almost on a daily basis.

As of 19th February 2012, the hackers’ blog says; server hacked in an operation named #OpUganda.

The trend continues as of 16th February, 3 Kenyan commercial banks hacked- exposing their login credentials and private information on, 14th February, 5 Ugandan government websites hacked too including Ministry of Internal Affairs Justice; Law and Order Sector; Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda; The Petroleum Exploration and Production Department of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development; National Medical Stores – Uganda.

On 13th February, the Rwandan hackers compromised the Tanzanian based Kaspersky labs, not to mention MTN Rwanda’s website compromised on 10th, Standard Kenya newspaper on 9th, Hope magazine on 21st January and many more other websites as the list on the hackers blog is longer.

Following these rampant cyber-crimes, cyber security Africa in partnership with industry stakeholders will host a workshop for Banking and Cyber Security at Serena Hotel- Kigali Rwanda on 23rd March 2012. The workshop’s will focus on key IT security threats, fraud, risk and regulatory issues affecting  financial institutions, Government agencies, public and private organizations in the daily operations



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