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Karongi: Low internet usage in the district

3 March, at 12 : 10 PM Print

Karongi Low internet usage

Despite the increasing signs of development in Kibuye town, communication by use of internet connection still has a long way to go. The town has only two public café’s and the rest of the internet usage can only be found in offices of district officials, banks and organizations.

One of the public places is located in the town center. The spot provides computer lessons, and various secretarial services such as photocopying, scanning, and mobile communication services like Tigo cash, and Zip cards.

The shop keeper said that internet users are very few in the town. Most of the clients are youths and only 20 or 30 young people use the internet on an average day- for reasons of work (90%) and social networking (2%)

Another cyber café (community tele-center) run by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) located on the banks of Lake Kivu, on the Nyamishaba road; is remote and not easily accessed by the town dwellers.

While internet costs are cheap in Kigali city (between Rwf300-400), the costs of using internet in Kibuye are high- half an hour is charged between Rwf300- 600, due to lack of clients.


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