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No Strings attached to CMU-R Scholarships, says Kayonga William

3 March, at 12 : 58 PM Print

No Strings attached to CMU-R Scholarships

East Africa Member States representatives noting as William Kayonga (MINEAC) addresses;

The morning of 02 March 2012 brought good news to East Africans who are technology savvy as the government of Rwanda officially announced its offer of a 50% scholarship for tuition fees to all EAC students eligible of studying at Carnegie Mellon University- Rwanda.

Following this program’s unusualness as regards most of African settings’ systems, skeptics questioned how an African government like Rwanda’s would be willing to offer 50% scholarship without attached strings (like signing side contracts with beneficiaries of the scholarships to work in Rwanda for a number of years before being free) .

“There are no strings are attached, the government of Rwanda will only sponsor the 50% tuition fee whereas Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda will handle admission, registration, graduation and all the other processes as their Pittsburg main campus does.” Said the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of East African Community, Ambassador William Kayonga at a press conference

No Strings attached to CMU-R Scholarships

Professor Bruce Krogh, Director of Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda assured that CMU-R is to offer a learning environment and academic qualifications similar to those offered by the CMU main campus in Pittsburg.

“We are convinced that the technological breakthroughs that are going to be the foundations of the ICT industry in Africa will come from inventors and entrepreneurs who work in Africa and understand the technological challenges and needs that are unique to Africa.” Said Professor Krogh

Government of Rwanda continues to heavily invest in education especially in the ICT sector as evidenced by the current scholarships of master’s in communication at KIST and Hollywood like Multimedia Lessons at Africa Digital Multimedia Academy.




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