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Paul Kagame |President Paul Kagame is not just a good Facebooker and Twitterer ,but an advocate of their use for efficient governance

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Rwanda : President Paul Kagame


Facebook wall of President Paul Kagame

Whereas most people in their over 40 years of age have often found difficulty coping with Internet’s social media,Rwandan President Paul Kagame has gone beyond utilizing them to encouraging his team in utilizing the media for efficient governance.

“In the case of Rwanda, we have instituted policies where our citizens can utilize social media to access their leaders.” President Kagame said at the Broadband Commission’s Youth forum in Kigali late last year 2011.

If you have always wished to express your views to the president of the republic of Rwanda and you have never had the chance to, then through his actual Facebook and Twitter accounts, you should be rest assured that your message will get to him.

Some of the beneficiaries of such head of state’s presence on facebook and twitter includes Rwandan university students who posed their monthly stipend questions and received answers through it, not to mention Arsenal football fans’ clarifications from the President’s Twitter account about thesun’s article titled “Rwanda Leader: Wenger must go”.

Subsequently we have seen each district of Rwanda create a webpage with links to the social media not to mention the minister of health Dr. Agnes Binagwaho’s “Monday’s with the minister on twitter”.


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