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Rwanda : Bharti Airtel builds environmentally friendly mobile network

16 March, at 04 : 15 AM Print

Rwanda Windmill for power generation

Windmill for power generation

An Indian Telecommunication company (Bharti Airtel) has announced significant milestones in its endeavour to build a ‘green’ environment friendly mobile network (wind power) intending to reduce its carbon footprint in Africa.

As part of its commitment to the environment, the company has undertaken a series of initiatives that are starting to deliver tangible results in conserving environment while developing technology in communications.

The Company revealed that over last one year, it has reduced the number of telecom sites running solely on diesel by more than 50 percent by overcoming the challenge of lack of grid connectivity through use of innovative models such as Hybrid Battery Bank.

By 2013, the Company aims to completely eradicate the constant use of diesel to power its network. This means no telecom site of the company will rely solely on diesel power 24 hours a day.

Hybrid Battery Banks collect the excess energy produced by the diesel powered generator in a battery that powers the site once the generator is switched off. This has helped reduce the use of diesel by up to 14 hours a day. Close to 60percent of Bharti Airtel’s telecom sites in Africa are now powered using the Hybrid model resulting in major reduction in emissions and also operating costs for the company.

The Company is targeting over 70percent of all its sites to be powered by the Hybrid model by end of 2013. It added that, the work is targeting on increasing the use of solar and wind power to power its telecom sites.

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