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Rwanda | East Africa’s Internet Connection Slowed Down, As A Ship Cuts A Fiber Optic Cable

2 March, at 08 : 56 AM Print

Rwanda : East Africa s Internet Connection

A transcontinental ship, waiting to offload at Mombasa port, accidentally dropped its anchor cutting a fibre-optic cable hence disrupting East Africa’s high speed internet connection. This happened on 25th February 2012 when the ship anchored into a restricted area.

The cut optic fiber is owned by The East African Marine Systems (Teams) which is one of the 3 undersea cables connecting East Africa on to the internet world.

This cable cut problem unfortunately comes few days after EASSy’s cable was also disrupted along the Djibout to Sudan Port resulting into slower internet connections for MTN Rwanda’s subscribers.

According to Teams technicians, the cable cut will result into a 20% Internet shortage by most of East African countries including Rwanda. They have also promised that the cable will be repaired in a 2 weeks’ time.

Meanwhile East Africa’s ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have chosen to temporarily buy small amounts of internet bandwidth from Seacom link which was un damaged by the anchor.

East African region is currently linked to the outside world by 3 fiber optic cables; Seacom that links it to Europe and India, Teams links to United Arab Emirates and EASSy that links East African countries.




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