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Rwanda | A new telecommunication company set to open in Rwanda

30 March, at 04 : 12 AM Print

Rwanda | Airtel and Rwanda | Airtel in Rwanda

Apart from the two competing telecommunication companies in Rwanda, TIGO and MTN another giant Indian telecommunication AIRTEL will soon launch its services to the citizens of Rwanda.

Mid March the new telecom company begun supplying and distributing its logos, fliers, and t-shirts to their clients. AIRTEL also painted several commercial houses in Remera with the company colours.

The company also started selling out their services with several shop dealers.

Many people in Kigali have welcomed the new telecom company, saying it will resolve their lingering communication problems like hiked call prices at times.

AIRTEL’s venture in to Rwanda’s telecommunication market is expected to lower tariffs and increase efficient communication. AIRTEL operates in 17 countries, including neighbouring Uganda and the DRC.

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