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Kagame : President Kagame in Macedonia for Broadband commission meeting

5 April, at 05 : 20 AM Print

Rwanda President Kagame in Macedonia

Mr Carlos Slim Helú, H.E. Paul Kagame, and Dr HamadounTouré in Macedonia

President Kagame is in Macedonia starting this Monday 02nd March 2012 where he is with Mr Carlos Slim, Dr HamadounTourefor a meeting about the ITU Broadband Commission. Other participants in the meeting includeCEOs of world’s largest IT companies such as Intel, Ericsson, Telefonica, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei Technologies.

Over his stay, in the republic of Macedonia, the Rwandan President met with Macedonia President Dr.GjorgeIvanov in the town of Ohrid.

The ITU Broadband meeting focused on measures necessary to accelerate global broadband access and proposed strategies to be presented in the due to come UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

Commission co-chair, President Paul Kagame opened the working session of the meeting.

“We are aware of the enormous possibilities of broadband internet as a stable foundation for successful and sustainable economic development. We should focus our activities towards involving all global players, to ensure these benefits are not marginalized or left to the sheer struggle for profit”, said President Kagame.

“This includes the necessity to find higher forms of cooperation in all walks of life – healthcare, education, agriculture, energy and environment” added the Rwandan PresidentKagame

Mexican businessmen and world’s richest man Mr Carlos Slim, the Commission’s co-chair, stressed the commission’s commitment to promote broadband Internet as the basic infrastructure for achievingthe goals of the global development agenda 2015.

“Today’s meeting in Macedonia represents a good opportunity to see how this agenda is implemented in the regional context”, Slim said.

Rwanda President Kagame in Macedonia 1

This meeting comes following the Broadband Leadership Summit that was held in Geneva in October 2011 meant to set broadband targets for increased access and affordability of broadband services by 2015.

This same Broadband Commission also met in Kigali in September 2011.

Broadband Commission for Digital Development was set up on May 2010 by ITU and UNESCO in a bid to meet UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


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