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Rwanda | Are Kigali Tech Savvies ready to fore go QWERTY Keyboards?

8 April, at 08 : 32 AM Print

Rwanda | A Smartphone with Symbols that represent Alphabets and Numerical Numbers

A Smartphone with Symbols that represent Alphabets and Numerical Numbers

Kigali city has been slowly gaining a number of tech savvies as one usually sees dot com generation chaps direct each other using Google maps not to mention flipping all kinds of smartphones. The trend is real amazing but is this group ready to embrace this new technology.

This time, Gmail has re-invented the technology wheel, the tiresome and hectic to grasp QWERTY Key board with over 26 Keys is to be replaced with just 2 Keys, that is a dash (-) and dot (.) in what they have called “Gmal tap”.

The new technology is basically a program that translates the different combinations of dot and dash into the several different alphabetical letters and numerical numbers as shown in the above picture.

Gmail tap has features like a space bar meant to increase typing speed, multi-email mode, predictive text mode and Optional Audio feedback to engage all your senses.

It also has a double-black diamond mode that adds a third, fourth and more keyboards for writing up to 8 messages at once.




According to Gmail Tap’s, Product lead Todd Smith, “The Phone might be smart but the keyboard is not with all the so many keys on such a small surface. With Gmail tap, you have just 2 Keys.”

“You can tap while in the kitchen, in the morning, night, bathroom, hall way or even on a sea saw. I am in the next level generation” Adds the Super star Todd Smith a.k.a LL Cool J

Hoping that the Kigali Tech Savvies are equally quick learners since this technology requires some sort of paradigm shift. You have to learn the new alphabets’ and digits’ symbol partners first before using the technology.





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