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Rwanda | Ngororero: Facebook is disliked by many computer literates

4 April, at 06 : 48 AM Print

Internet usage have been widely spread all over Rwanda whereby even training centres were introduced in different parts of the country to equip people with skills of using computer and embrace the usage of social networks.

However much computer usage have been widely embraced, many people in Nyamagabe still don’t exploit the social net work of face book because they don’t appreciate its porpuse whereas others don’t know how to use it.

Photo internet

Photo internet

Pascal Hakorimana of 21 years of age said, “Some people equiped with the skill of using computers don’t know how to use facebook but for me I can not open it because it just makes me waste a lot of time which would have been productive for other things”.

He says facebook is not secretive as it exposes ones information to whoever cares to know even if it is your worst enemy and even those who doesn’t know you.

Hakorimana decided to use other secretive social media networks when interacting with his or her friends.

When we visited an internet café, out of the 36 people that we found in the café only 6 had used facebook whereas 21 say they have intentionally refused to use facebook because of the negative news they heard about it that it even spreads the news where it is not necessary and the other 9 people don’t know how to use it.

The superviser of Ngororero business development centre Theodette Abayisenga said according to the research he has done, many people who use facebook are students as it is normally active during holidays meaning facebook is mostly used by the youth even though that doesnot mean its members don’t increase on adaily basis.

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