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Rwanda | Ngororero: more people trained on ICT

21 April, at 10 : 43 AM Print

TUBIBE AMAHORO association in the program ‘Anti-Corruption Justice and Information centre’ (AJIC) has started training youth in AJIC clubs on ICT issues.

Rwanda more people trained on ICT

They started with the youth from Torero cell in Ngororero sector who were trained on Word, excel, and Power Point programs and then youth from Nyange and Rususa cells in Ngororero sector.

Giving people the knowledge of ICT so as to know the news concerning them quickly is an objective of AJIC.

The association concentrates on people’s knowledge whether young or old in promoting research and exchanging information in fighting against corruption and injustice.

In this way, AJIC put 7 computers, printers and scanners in Ngororero district town where it is expected that about 50 youth will trained as Fidel Niyigaba a worker of TUBIBE AMAHORO in Ngororero district explains.

AJIC actions are meant to help people achieve justice and their development using easy technology as it takes technology near people in the villages while passing information so that even those who hurt get help so soon.

They are supported by Norwegian people’s Aid through ‘Public Policy Information, Monitoring and Advocacy’ (PPIMA).



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