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Rwanda | Rwanda hosts ITU Annual Regional Development Forum for Africa

11 May, at 09 : 09 AM Print

Rwanda Prime Minister talking to participants of the ITU Africa Forum

Prime Minister talking to participants of the ITU Africa Forum at Kigali Serena Hotel on 9th May 2012

Rwanda is currently hosting the International Telecommunication Union’s annual regional development forum for Africa. This seminar with the theme “Promoting Equitable Access to ICTs” began on 9th May 2012 and is scheduled to last for two days.

Officially opening the forum, Rwanda’s Prime Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi said that the Rwandan government has for the past years been investing in ICT infrastructure development and it is high time, Rwandans began harnessing the set infrastructures.

“Rwandan government and private sector need to put hands together to promote use of ICT by most Rwandans.”

Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengiyumva said that hosting such a seminar is an honor to Rwanda as a country given the several benefits that comes along.

“There are about 40 countries currently represented in this seminar, this helps us strengthen ties necessary to gear our countries towards development.” Urged the Youth and MINICT Minister

Citing Lack of enough ICT infrastructure structures and ICT skills as major hindrances to ICT development in Africa, Honorable Nsengiyumva stressed that Rwanda has put in place enough facilities to let Rwandans begin harnessing it.

This annual seminar is to discuss several issues including ITU Activities in Africa, activities to promote equitable access to ICTs, collaborations and sharing of experiences by members from across a number of African countries.

“ITU is an organ of United Nations in charge of radio communications, standardization and development of telecommunication industry. Established in 1865, ITU manages frequency spectrum, satellites orbits and electronic gadgets’ standards.” Explained ITU Africa, Andrew Rugege


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