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Rwanda | Kayonza: lack of ICT services delays some work

28 July, at 09 : 15 AM Print

Residents of Kabarondo sector in Kayonza district say that lack of ICT services near them delay them their work as they spend  time looking for places they can find such services like internet cafes.

Rwanda | Kayonza lackKabarondo town is considered to be the 2nd town big town in Kayonza town but its residents says that there is no action of ICT or internet there and those who want such services so much they go to Mukarange sector where there is a community TELECENTRE.

It takes much time of the people who move to look for the IT services and people say that such a town should not be without such necessary services because it is still developing as Claude Niyigena a resident in this town says.

The mayor of Kayonza district had promised the people of Kabarondo town in march.2012 that there is a program to put a TELECENTRE in this sector to provide them with IT services they much desire.

People are still waiting for this TELECENTRE and in vain and others say that it should be brought soon so that Kabarondo residents keep up with development pace.


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