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Rwanda : MTN clients to win precious prizes

27 July, at 11 : 36 AM Print


Over  the  next  60  days  MTN  Rwanda  customers  will have  the  chance  of  winning  fantastic   prizes  worth  Rwf90  million  including  daily  airtime  vouchers,  weekly  low- ‐end  and   high end  cell phones,  laptops  and  data  modems.

MTN  Rwanda is  the  leading  telecommunications  service  provider in Rwanda  has  launched  a  new  mega  promotion  dubbed  “Sharama”  with  daily winnings   including  three  cars

according  to  Yvonne  Manzi  Makolo,  MTN  Rwanda’s  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  the  promotion  is  designed  to  give  back  to  loyal  MTN  clients  and  also  stimulate   excitement  in  the  market,  as  the  company  subscriber  base  grows.

“At  MTN  Rwanda  we  continuously  place  customer  experience  as  a  top  priority,  and   we  will  continue  providing  exciting  promotions  that  empower  the  lives  of  our   customers.  Through  the  daily  and  weekly  prizes,  we  believe  that  MTN  Rwanda  will   make  a  difference  by  positively  impacting  the  lives  of  the  winners,”  Makolo said.

Last week Rwanda  Utilities  and  Regulatory  Agency  (RURA)  released  monthly  subscriber  figures  that  indicated  MTN  Rwanda  had  grown  to  3.03  million   subscribers  by  the  end  of  June  2012.

Entering the promotion for an MTN subscriber only requires one to send or call 155, at a cost of only Rwf35 for both the services. Each call or short message sent will get the customer a free SMS and the more one sends the better their chances of winning.

Sakyi  Opoku  the  Snr  Manager for Brand  and  Sponsorship  said,  MTN  is  delighted  to  offer   such  an  exciting  mega  promotion  to  valued  customers  in  Rwanda  because  it  is  also   in  line  with  the  new  brand  campaign  ‘Better  Together’.

“While  ‘Sharama’  means  ‘shine’  it  also  rhymes  with  one  of  our  brand  values,  which  is ‘the  ability to  do’.  This is meant to create an excitement among our subscribers.   Subscribers are better striving with us.  Our  brand  gives  hope  and  gives  the  winners   the  belief  to  achieve.  Because  we  value our  clients  its  in  the  same  spirit  that  we  give   back  to  them  in  an  exciting  manner,”  Opoku  said.

The  MTN  brand  this  year  received  a  number  of  brand  accolades.  In  May  Millward   Brown,  one of the  world’s  leading  research  agencies  and  expert  in  effective   advertising  announced  that MTN brand  was  the  first  African  brand  to  be  listed  on  the  ‘BrandZ  Top  100  Global  Brand’  listing.


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