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Rwanda : Phone tapping law en route to be enacted

16 August, at 09 : 35 AM Print

Phone tapping law en route to be enacted

Recently the Chairman of the Parliamentary committee in charge of Human Rights, Unity and Reconciliation and Fight against Genocide, Francois Byabarumwanzipresented a telephone and other modes of communications tapping bill to the parliament.

The bill will authorize security organs to have access into private telephone conversations.

Minister of Internal Security Musa FazilHarerimana said that “Only authorized organs of the Army and Police through the Prosecutor have access to intercepting any communication at times when there is need to.”

“The amended law also protects people’s privacy in that, it is illegal to intercept anyone’s conversation when not authorized.” Added Harerimana

This law comes into enforcement joining other Commonwealth countries that enacted in the 19070s.

Police, National security services and army are the agencies that will be granted permission by the Prosecutor to intercept any given conversation, should the conversation be considered a security threat.

The prosecutor may issue the permission verbally in case of urgency and would in the end issue a written notice in a day time.

According to the bill, a judge will issue a permission to intercept a given conversation only when convinced that the suspect is a threat to life, national security, state’s international relations and national economic interests.

The issued permission will only be valid for 3 months.

The law is to be sent to the senate for more deliberations and analysis.

Despite 3G networks sophisticated encryption mechanisms that render telephone tapping difficult, under the amended law, all telecom companies are required to provide windows of intercepting any communications by the legally capable organs.


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