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Rwanda : Eastern Africa to access Satellite System in the near future

31 October, at 07 : 24 AM Print

Rwanda | Eastern Africa to accessThere has been a partnership agreement signed between The East African Communications Organization (EACO)   and  the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization ITSO, aimed at promoting the satellite system in Eastern Africa, as a way of enhancing communication technology in the region.

Both sides argue that all the needs will be talked on in order to address the problem of lack of capacity in terms of using satellite facilities. The agreement comes after considering the principle set forth in Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations that communication by means of satellites should be available to the nations of the third world as soon as practicable on a global and nondiscriminatory basis. 

After the agreement signature, Hodge Semakula, the CEO of East African Communications Organization, said the five East African Community member countries have since the late 1990s recognized ICTs as a driver and catalyst for social and economic development.

“Through a number of programmes and strategic interventions, governments in East Africa have tried to put in place a conducive policy and legal environment that has not only attracted investment in the ICT sector, but also has resulted into a reasonable ICT infrastructure for the provision of ICT services. Although, these countries still face challenges of regional connectivity, affordability and access to broadband services”. Semakula said.

The aim of the partnership between the two organizations is for ITSO to help in building the capacities of its members and create awareness among the EACO members about the role of satellite communication in the provision of broadband services which are critical in the creation of an information society.

ITSO is trying to expand its satellite communication services with a desire of developing the whole world in the sector, and the aim of achieving a single global commercial telecommunications satellite system as part of an improved global telecommunications network.

The ITSO says it is determined, to this end, to provide, for the benefit of all mankind, through the most advanced technology available, the most efficient and economic facilities possible consistent with the best and most equitable use of the radio frequency spectrum and of orbital space.

Believing that satellite telecommunications should be organized in such a way as to permit all peoples to have access to the global satellite system, Jose M. Toscano the General Director and The CEO of ITSO said to be confident that the East African region will make a step forward after signing the agreement with ITSO.

“We are going to ask the EACO all the needs that the region has in order to have an idea on what we can do in helping those countries to build their capacity. As you may know, Africa needs capacity building, personal trainings, infrastructure etc.” Toscano said.

Tosacano added; “When you look at on what President Kagame is doing in terms of promoting the ICT in Rwanda, there is no doubt that satellite system facilities will come as a boost to harmonize the technology development not only in Rwanda but also in the region”.

ITSO/Intersat has 53 satellites which cover the whole world, but the connectivity access is not the same. ITSO encourages the creation of favorable technical and regulatory environment for commercial satellite communications. It coordinates its actions with other intergovernmental organizations such as ITU, regional telecommunication organizations and telecommunication operators and their associations.


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