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Rwanda acquires technology to control telecoms

14 November, at 13 : 14 PM Print

Rwanda acquires technology to control telecoms

The Prime Minister, Dr Pierre Damiem Habumuremyi, (in white shirt), accompanied by senior government officials, tours RURA control station on August 10, 2012 (Photo from PRIMATURE)


The International Gateway Traffic Verification System (IGTVS), a system which allows Rwanda to monitor the performance of its telecoms sector is fully operation after years of planning, the two firms that set up the technology said last week.

With the system, the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) to independently audit and monitor the networks in Rwanda to ensure they are providing the services they commit. The technology has various purposes, including: traffic measurement, accurate billing, quality of service assessment, market surveillance, interconnection dispute resolution, and fraud management.

In March 2011, RURA signed a deal with Global Voice Group (GVG) and SGS Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) to supply and install the technology. Over the past years, telecom giants in Rwanda have been criticised by both clients and the Governnent for below-standard services in terms of call rates and outreach of signals. Rwanda has three telecoms with up to 4.6million combined subscribers.

“The [new system] really came at the right time and gave us the capabilities we needed to have a clear visibility on the international calls being terminated in the country,” said RURA’s Director, Mr. Regis Gatarayiha, in the statement on November 07.


He added: “Three months after the successful implementation, we have already seen the benefits it brings to us as a regulator and to Rwanda in General.”

By implementing the IGTVS, Rwanda’s government and its regulatory authority adopt a proactive approach to regulation based on ICT tools and real-time data collection. As part of a broader modernization process of governance, a growing number of telecom regulators are following the path opened by Rwanda and other African countries.

As a powerful ICT platform used to monitor and enforce compliance with Rwanda’s Regulations pertaining to domestic and international interconnections, the IGTVS is expected to generate significant additional revenue for both the State and the local operators.

The new platform also empowers the RURA to effectively intervene in two key areas: the elimination of fraudulent grey traffic and the overall improvement of the quality of service delivered to end-users in Rwanda.



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