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Rwanda | Gitovu: telephone network connection, a persisting problem

3 November, at 19 : 31 PM Print

Residents of Gatovu in Burera district said they appreciate the fact that they now have electricity but said they still had a problem of not getting any telephone network connection which makes their communication very bad.

They said that whenever they want to make a call, they have to go to some sort of a hill to get connection.

“This makes it a problem to us since we cannot call friends and family,” said Henri Habakwizera

Habakwizera added on saying that” there is no network at all and people who can read the network have to go to someplace where there is at least a raising so that they can catch it”.

This sector has many long hills, and their center that is Gatovu is still down in the hills. In this center there is a school were the offices of the sector are still built. And it also has a lot of business going on but for the telephone connection networks it is still a very big problem.

Residents of this sector are requesting telecommunication companies to get them out of the bad telecommunication that they have so that they can be able to call and also receive calls very easily.

“We charge our telephones but never get a chance of using them, “said Fidele Rwambonera.

The Executive secretary of Gatovu sector Evariste Habumuremyi said that” this problem is so evident since even him when he wants to make calls he has to go far to a place that is raised, and then he can make it”, adding on that they had already talked about it with different companies concerned”.

He added on saying that “they talked with these different telecommunication companies especially MTN and they came and they promised to help us with this problem”.

He again added on saying that” the employees of MTN Rwanda came to visit this sector in August 2012 with network machines and therefore found out that this sector had a network problem and  took a decision to build a signal antennae since there was no any other nearby”.

They promised the leadership of the sector that the building of this antenna would start in January 2013.

This sector has about 10,415 people, and most of them have mobile telephones and use MTN telecommunication network.

Since there is no permanent telephone network, this makes these people not get good benefits from using telephones as they should.

RURA gave MTN a fine and also warned Tigo about the same since these 2 companies were offering poor services to the people of Rwanda.



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