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Rwanda | Muhanga: Community policing enabled with Mobile telephones

28 December, at 12 : 45 PM Print

Some of the security personnel in all villages (Community policing) of Muhanga district have been given mobile telephones to be able to communicate on time about security issues.

The members of Community Policing say that the main hindrance to their work was lack of a way to give out information on time because of lack of Telecommunication services and lack of confidence.

Community policing enabled with Mobile telephonesSecurity is one of the things that are emphasised by the government of Rwanda starting from the resident himself and Community Policing is one of the security levels elected at the village level to ensure people’s security.

One of the responsibilities of Community Policing is to prevent crimes beforehand by giving related information to the concerned parties about anything that can shake people’s security and also reporting a crime on time that happened without them knowing beforehand.

The act of communicating on time has not been easy on many members of Community Policing in Muhanga district due to lack of telecommunication services.

Apart from lack of communication tools, the security personnel in Muhanga district had a problem of lack of confidence in themselves where they couldn’t convene a meeting or take a stand to explain about security issues in a meeting. After understanding more of their responsibilities and mobile telephones, they assured a change in their work especially giving reports on time.

Patrick Gatwaza the district official for social affairs says that they have been getting such reports but they want to make it much easier to give out these reports and also to give training to members of Community Policing on how to operate.

Gatwaza explained that the Community Policing level is one of the levels that support the district and the country in general because it operates near the local people at the village and it knows all of the happenings in the village.

The mobile telephones were not given to individuals but to the Community Policing for a member who will decide to leave this program will leave the phone behind to be given to the person who will join.

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