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Rwanda I Kamonyi: Village leaders receive 694 phones

5 February, at 09 : 24 AM Print


About 694 mobile telephones with operating SIM cards of which the bills will be paid by the district were given out to village leaders and security personnel operating in cells as a way to ease the communication on security between local leaders and the district leaders.



Kamonyi: Village leaders receive 694 phones

One of leaders at the village level using the provided new mobile phone



In the meeting that brought together all local leaders in Kamonyi district starting with the village council to the district council on Thursday the 31st.Jan.2013,  the district administrative council gave out the Mobile telephones with Tigo Telecommunications Network and will be subscribed and paid off by the district.

These telephones will be used by the village leaders, the army, Police, reserved forces in the cells giving out information to other authority levels in the district. This will make the process of information delivery quicker and easy as Gerard Niyonsenga a village leader of Shaka village in Cyambwe cell in Musambira sector explained.

“Having credits on my mobile telephone to give out all information was not easy but now that I have a secure line, communicating about everything will be much easier and on time.” Gerard Niyonsenga said.

The executive secretaries of all cells appreciated the act of giving out mobile telephones to village leaders for communication was most of the times delayed due to lack of telephones or credits to make the much desired call.

“Us having secure telephones was not of much help since the information comes from the villages and now it will be much easier and quicker” the executive secretary Cyambwe cell said.

The mobile telephones of Kamonyi district workers from the cell level to the district are paid by the district and now the village leaders’ mobile telephones will be added to the list Jacques Rutsinga the mayor of the district explained.


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