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Nyabihu: ICT becomes long term development basis

10 March, at 07 : 14 AM Print

Residents of Nyabihu District are being called upon to get used to Information Communication Technology ICT as the basis of long lasting development says Pascal Ndikubwimana the official in charge of IT in Nyabihu district.

As well as all rural districts, most of Nyabihu district residents have no knowledge on ICT and some even have never laid eyes on computers and others are getting trained for the first time as Mukamurigo a student at ICT Bus in Nyabihu district explained.

Nyabihu: ICT becomes long term development basis

Pascal Ndikubwimana ICT Officer in Nyabihu District

Mukamurigo a married woman with 4 children says she got to see the computer for the first time when she enrolled for computer course at ICT Bus. She says it is an achievement to be able to write a document on a computer, save it or use it in different programs.

Considering she is a trader, Mukamurigo says computer knowledge will boost her trade and she can even save safely her documents and accounts. She will be able to learn a lot of things in the world by using internet.

The government is developing Technology in all parts of the country by initiating Business Development Centers that makes it easy for local people to access computer and internet near their areas of residence as Pascal Ndikubwimana explained.

Two sectors in Nyabihu district of Bigogwe and Jomba, Service Access Points (SAP) were opened to provide services like making project proposals, advertisements and others near people. With the support of RDB ICT, Nyabihu district initiated ICT Bus that moved along all 12 sectors of the district training people about ICT.

Pascal Ndikubwimana says local people having ICT knowledge will give them access to different services without wasting their time. Such services include mobile banking, buying electricity and paying bills, using Mobile money services and many other services.


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