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Burera: Electricity crisis could hinder technology development

16 May, at 08 : 39 AM Print

Thomas Nsengimana, vice-president of youth in Burera district has revealed that lack of electricity in some sectors retards development despite setting up income generating projects.

Youth say that lack of enough electricity in some parts of Burera delays development of their agricultural projects and forming cooperatives.

“It’s not easy to use technology because some sectors have no enough electricity,” he explains.

Apart from lack of recreation centres, there are no vocational schools for youth in Burera district.

To help youth develop, Burera district administration plans to build “Agaciro” centre in District Development Plan (DDP) where youth can learn skills from.

On the problem of electricity, the district administration says 7.9 percent residents of Burera have electricity and it’s planned that the number will increase to 12.1 percent in 2012-2013 performance contracts.

The district advises residents to join village settlements in order to have access infrastructures such as electricity.

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