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Rutsiro: ICT Awareness Campaign to focus on rural districts

2 April, at 10 : 44 AM Print

 ICT Awareness Campaign to focus on rural districts

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on March, 30th, 2014 launched an ICT Awareness Campaign focused on rural districts of Rwanda to implement fast development.

The move aims at helping rural residents to freely gain ICT skills and use ICT gadgets to simplify life.

« ICT Awareness Campaign will mainly focus on remote areas of Rwanda educating residents on using ICT for fast social development, » said Leonidas Twiringiyimana in charge of ICT in Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Leonidas Twiringiyimana

Leonidas Twiringiyimana, IT Technician at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) 

urged residents to embrace ICT

The Campaign saw Rutsiro residents both young and old go through one hour training in ICT bus in phases.

ICT buses bring ICT Knowledge closer to residents in rural communities

ICT buses bring ICT Knowledge closer to residents in rural communities

Fitted with electric power generators and a mobile computer lab for travelling commuters, the buses bring ICT services nearer to the rural communities rather than have them travel long distances to access ICT services. The ICT Bus Project is run by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

The buses act as mobile telecentres for the rural citizens to access ICT services, such as Internet and other modern communication platforms. T hey also provide additional services ranging from printing, scanning and photocopying documents to offering basic ICT training.

The ICT bus innovation comes as an addition to the introduction of 30 Telecentres all over the country in an initiative that is aimed at boosting both public and private development through information technology.

More than 1,500 people including women and local leaders in rural communities have benefited from ICT training services nationwide since the introduction of ICT buses.

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