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Phone system facilitating Rwandans on Land Titles

16 April, at 02 : 28 AM Print

Phone system facilitating Rwandans on Land Titles

menu on phone that leads to access land information

Rwandans can now easily check the status of a particular plot of land by using their mobile phones as opposed to the long queues at land offices across the country.

The government is partnering with MTN-Rwanda to extend this innovation to the public.

Marie Grace Nishimwe, who works for the department  of Land Management and Titles in the Natural Resources Authority encourages the public to embrace the new application.

“Subscribers need to dial *651# and then Yes. From the menu one can select the language and also insert the land plot number. The system fetches information about the requested plot number,” she told KT Press earlier today.

The subscriber will be able to know the status of the plot whether it is disputed or presented as collateral at any bank.

This enables any interested buyers to probe the land before committing any transactions.

Rwanda has an area of 26 thousands square kilometers. The national land center has about 11 million registered parcels of land. Owners are issued with land titles which they can use as collateral to obtain bank loans.

In 1999, the government of Rwanda passed a series of laws, regulations and policies designed to reform its land tenure system.

The new legal framework was adopted in 2004 providing general guidelines for efficient use of land resources.

Meanwhile, the public has welcomed the innovation with positive feedback. “This is what we call technology based development, says Lys Umwiza on her Facebook post.

“Absolutely amazing,” says Abou-bakr Mulangwa.

Phone system facilitating Rwandans on Land Titles

Land use across the country

Phone system facilitating Rwandans on Land Titles

Source: KTPress

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