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Airtel wins global telecommunication business award

1 June, at 14 : 41 PM Print


After taking lead in enabling mobile economy in Africa that saw a faster growth in the cashless lifestyle, Bharti Airtel has been awarded the Global Telecommunication Business (GTB) award.

 This is through its digital backbone enabled by Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) that allows businesses to transmit and access data quickly which eases the complicity in the architecture related to data-carriage.

“Airtel Africa wants to fully utilize the advantages of IP/MPLS technology to economically and effectively handle high volumes of a variety of mobile broadband data and video services,” said Christian de Faria, Executive Chairman, Airtel Africa on Wednesday.

Airtel that  operates  in  20 countries across Africa  recorded a rising  growth in its  mobile  banking platform  as well  as laying internet  infrastructure  that has seen growth in the  use of affordable internet.

“The new network implementation and management not only provides a substantially improved quality of service for our existing customers,” he said adding this also helps in capturing expansion opportunities across the continent.

The awards that were given out by Guarantee Trust-BT bank in London a revel of the collaboration and partnership between operators and vendors while recognizing the industry’s commitment to deliver innovative services.

During the Awards, Airtel also emerged the winner in Voice over internet Protocol (VoiP) App within the Exceptional Emerging Market category, a collaboration with Nokia, a leading mobile phone manufacturer.

Under the partnership, Nokia’s Managed Services solution enables Airtel to focus on the development of new service offerings and the quality of experience Airtel delivers to its customers in a highly competitive environment.

Moreover, experts say that this comes with specific benefit is an accelerated time-to-market for new revenue-generating services, especially toward business customers interested in seizing emerging business opportunities.

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